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9/2/08 09:04 am - Huh

I'm not a teenager anymore.

1/31/08 01:00 am

I know the feeling

1/21/08 11:38 am - This will serve

I have been at LAX since 7:45 this morning. It is nearly 11:45. The last time I checked, my flight was scheduled to leave at 12, and we haven't boarded yet. This is lame. Also, I am supposed to work at the bookstore for Apple from 7 until midnight after I get back on campus.

I wish it were a week ago. Or two weeks ago.

12/6/07 03:22 pm - Do it with your heart wide open

It's so strange to think that a week from now, I'll be packing up my stuff, working a few more shifts at the front desk, shipping my MacBook back to Apple, and getting ready to go home. I've been working non-stop for the last few weeks with research, presentations, and papers. I'm fortunate to be able to write on subjects within my realm of interests, though it's curious that each paper I've written has been religious this semester. Maybe I'll be theologized-out once the semester closes, though I hope not since I'm planning to stick with this track for a number of years to come.

At any rate, this weekend I'm working on a paper asking where religion and spirituality fit in scientific sphere. My professor wants me to direct my attention to the basic human desire to reach for something greater and what that says about our minds. The research is hard to find, but what I have read so far, especially the things on near-death experiences, is fascinating.

I also have a final set of essays to write for POL 356 on the Vatican's role in the world as a state, its relationship to the war in Iraq, and the backlash from Benedict VXI's remarks last fall on Islam as he quoted a Byzantine scholar. I don't think I'll have too much trouble writing the papers, though it'll still take plenty of thought and planning on my part. That's what finals are all about!

So those are the papers I have to crank out. My other two finals are in-class essays that aren't going to be terribly difficult. I should be thankful that the worst is over and that I've gotten really good grades on things this semester. I wonder what I'll be saying about my classes next year at Marquette (fingers crossed)!

11/28/07 09:31 pm - I like ones

My pseudonym from here on out shall be The Great Googly Moogly.

11/19/07 09:11 am

Why does this always happen?

11/15/07 06:29 pm - YOU'RE A BABY! YOU CAN'T VOTE!

I registered for classes today, yay! Last night I saw Barack Obama, yay! I'm drinking some tea gifted to me by my wonderful boyfriend, yay!

THRS 405-01 Catholic Moral Tradition (MW from 3:30-5:15)
THRS 398-00 Directed Reading in Theology (TBA)
SII 302-01 Music and Art (TR 3:30-5:15)
HIST 316-01 The Reformation (TR 10:30-11:45)
ESS 100-08 Ballroom, Latin & Swing Dance (W 1:30-3:10)

I'm really glad that I'm able to take the dance class I want next semester. Ross will be so proud of me! Music and Art is an SI class, so there should only be about 15 to 18 students in the class which is nice. Not sure what The Reformation class will be like, but it's a class I've wanted to take since before I was a student here and merely a prospective. Directed reading is great because I'll get to be with the great theology professor I'm studying NT theology with currently, this time focused on the Old Testament. Catholic Moral Tradition is apparently an ethics course, so... I don't know what to expect there.

Looking for classes this semester has cemented the fact that I can't stay here as a theology student. There are so few classes that appeal to me-- most of the course offerings are really basic, and I need to move beyond that if I want to actually earn a meaningful degree.

My largest research paper (25 pages) and one of the 10-15 page research papers are due on Tuesday, so that's what I'll be up to theoretically all weekend. Ross leaves for India tomorrow, and it's going to take a lot out of me to stay anxiety-free, or at least anxiety-free to focus on my work. I'm sending all the good vibes his way that I can in the hopes that his travel will be safe, productive, and fun.

11/10/07 11:37 pm - Nothing quite

I'm lying in a bed at a Best Western in Sandpoint, Idaho watching an episode of Cops: Naked! where they just arrested a guy for riding a bicycle naked and exposing himself to some people in Portland, Oregon.

Tomorrow I'm going to see a trash-eating mechanical goat in Spokane, Washington.

11/2/07 09:32 pm - Come around

Fleeing the nest comes at a very real price.

Most of my friends are out of town this weekend, and I have to work from ten to midnight which eliminated the possibility of going out and doing some thing fun. I spent over an hour video chatting with my mom while I folded the three loads of laundry I did tonight. Shit sucks sometimes (not that I don't love talking to my mom).

I have four very important (and long) papers to write this month. I'm going to be in Idaho next weekend coaching Academic Decathlon things with Zac. I have a big exam coming up in my Vatican in global politics class next Monday. Then Thanksgiving, then finals. In the midst of all that, I have lots of work hours to put in for both Apple and the front desk, plus any little DemiTasks which may arise. After feeling pretty bummed all of tonight, I long to be stressed within an inch of my life while trying to get those papers done in the minutes just before class starts, to be combing over notes all weekend in preparation for that exam, to be tearing out my hair when I can't find that research article I saw a few weeks ago on exactly what I need.

Honestly, I live for the process of burning myself out. The frustration, the sweating, the anxiety, the short temper and evil remarks, the remorse when I could have done a better job; masochism is my paramour.

10/27/07 10:17 pm - Just a little

Everything tastes like sushi.
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